Friday, July 2, 2010


This week I went to the Denver area. Denver is sort of a mixed blessing for me because I lived here for a year while going to school on Lowery AFB and so I’m kind of familiar with the area, but I always tend to get pretty bad head aches when I come here. I couldn’t tell you why, but have had a bad head ache on almost every trip I’ve made here in the last few years.

Well, due to the customers requirements and needs, I had to fly very early in the morning and start working as soon as I got there, so I had to fly the old fashioned way – as Matthew. I guess I’ve gotten spoiled, because I HATE flying that way these days! So, up at 3AM, on a plane at 6AM, working with my customer at 830AM until 5PM. By the time the work day was done, so was I, and so I did nothing and went no where that night. The good news is that we had scheduled two days here but got all of the work and training done in one, and so the next day I had pretty much entirely to myself.

The following morning I decided to be good, and so I got caught up on a lot of paper work and field service reports I’d been getting behind on, and then visited the hotel exercise room for an hour where I continued the relentless battle of the bulge.

I’ve realized for at least two years now that I was in a fashion rut, but it never bothered me until recently. Virtually every outfit I wear is essentially identical, just in different colors and fabrics. I like interesting and unique skirts paired with solid blouses, preferably with short sleeves or no sleeves. I’ve found that the thicker knit tops (sweaters or sweater like) tend to flatter me, as they hide minor flaws like my fat sticking out of the top of a skirt, or bra lines, etc, etc. I now have (gasp!) thousands of pictures on my flickr page expressing this concept over and over, different colors in the top, different patterns on the skirt, but the same concept repeated in photo after photo. Well, I’m doing minor things these days to try and edge my way out of that rut. I’ve bought at least a dozen blouses of varying designs in the last few months, but I always end up shaking my head when I see it on me, and saying “nah, it’s just not me.”  Today I tried a new blouse I just bought and had the same initial reaction when I tried it on – “nah, it’s not me.” I actually started to take it off and put on one of the blouses I had brought with me as a backup just in case I decided I didn’t like this one, but this time I got stubborn with myself.
‘Hell no, you bought the damn thing now wear it! Everyone tells you that you are so damned brave, but your scared to death to try minor changes in your style. You’re such a coward! ’ I scolded myself. Feeling properly self-chastised, I left it on and gave it a spin, and in the end I was glad I had, because I decided I liked it.

Denver 2010 07 01 010

I’m still experimenting with my foundation as well. I’ve had several people tell me where I can buy more of my favorite Max Factor, but I figure that buying more of a discontinued product is just going to prolong the agony and drag things out. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to find a replacement, so I might as well dig in and ‘git ‘er done’ now. This was taken with the MAC Studio Tech NW25 Foundation:

Denver 2010 07 01 007

I am fairly pleased with it, but HATE the idea of paying $30 every time I buy foundation. Call me a cheap red-neck, but that is fairly expensive for my budget.

I went to see two movies – ‘Knight and Day’ and the new Twilight Saga ‘Eclipse’.  I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Night and Day’. It was very reminiscent of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, another movie I had thought was hilarious and fun. Fairly fast paced, lots of action, lots of humor, and just lots of fun.
I’d have to be honest, I could take or leave ‘Eclipse’. It was fairly good, don’t get me wrong, but I enjoyed ‘Knight and Day’ more. The guy that plays her werewolf love interest spent the entire movie with no shirt on, and every time he had a scene, all of the girls in the audience would sigh and giggle. I swear I’m not kidding or exaggerating, every single time he made an appearance, all of the girls would gasp. That’s OK though, because there was plenty of eye candy for those of us that like girls too.
As I was leaving the theater, I had to walk past a group of half a dozen baby hotties all standing outside the theater entrance, squealing, laughing, and sighing, as they all spoke about the movie. I’d guess that most were around 16, but in all honesty it has gotten harder and harder for me to estimate the age of people younger than I am these days. I often seem to have trouble telling the difference between a 15 year old and a 25 year old – guess I’m getting old! Anyway, here were all of these drop dead gorgeous teenagers blocking the doors, and when I made my way past them, I heard one of them comment about me in a reasonably quiet voice, but not exactly a whisper either.
“Oh my God, I think that’s a guy!” she said. It wasn’t a tone of disgust, it wasn’t indignation, nor was it laughter. She just sounded interested and surprised.
“I know!” I heard another girl answer her, with a tone of voice that sort of implied “isn’t that cool?!”
I seriously considered turning around and winking at them and maybe even striking up a conversation, but in the end I was a coward. Right now they sounded tickled and amused, but let a 40 year old guy in a skirt turn around and wink at them, and things had the potential to go downhill rapidly, so I just left it alone.
I called Datti Kapella, a member of the Vanity Club. She lives around here and had expressed interest in meeting while I was here. It seems she had some home renovation to do, and was at a self help store looking for supplies. She had already eaten dinner, but still she agreed to meet me at Mimi’s CafĂ© in about an hour for coffee and so off I went to find the place. The waitress was sort of a happy medium dealing with me. She didn’t gush, wasn’t overly chatty and friendly, but didn’t give me the impression that she really hated dealing with me either. Suddenly I realized that I hadn’t eaten a single thing all day long and I was starving!

Denver 2010 07 01 012

I was just finishing stuffing my face with pasta when I got a call on my cell phone that Datti and her wife were both here! They joined me at the table and we spoke for about an hour about this and that. It seems that we have both lived in Germany, Washington state, and of course the Denver area, but never at the same time. It also turns out that Datti is a musician, but unlike my own underachieving self, Datti is in a band. I miss being in a band because there is just nothing like being able to share music with others.  We had much to chat about, and since Datti is a very pleasant person, the time went by in a flash.

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