Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to Boston!

In a rare turn of events I found myself going right back to Boston for training again. It seems that we are still dealing with the fall out resulting from the actions of the engineer that was fired recently. We will be installing a new system there soon, and I have never seen this new model. While I could have figured it out on my own, we kind of figured it would be a bad idea to risk letting the customer see me struggle while I learned. At the last moment, my manager arranged to have the factory agree to train myself and one other engineer on the system so as to be sure that the customer didn’t perceive us as being less than knowledgeable on this new model.

Boston 2010 06 07 001

As seems to be the usual these days, nothing terribly interesting or exciting happened on the flight there. I almost blew it catching the flight for a number of reasons. One, I’m getting awful tired of getting up so early and so had decided that maybe I was being silly for getting to the airport two hours early. This time I timed things to get there one hour before my flight and so you can just imagine the look on my face when I entered the airport and found the security line snaking clear across the entire length of the airport!  Even with my being allowed to use the “premium” passenger lane to get through security, I just barely made my flight.
The lady that sat next to me in first class from Atlanta to Boston liked to chat and so we did. It turns out that she is some sort of medical consultant and flies back and forth from Florida to Boston every single Monday and Friday. What a trip! Someone out there flies more than I do! We traded good and bad stories of our travels and just generally enjoyed each others company.

When I checked in to my hotel, conveniently located across the highway from the Burlington Mall, the customer service rep was a young and cute girl. As soon as I approached the counter she got a huge grin on her face and turned beet red. Still, she was cool and soon I was off to my room.

The first thing I did was to take my new wig out that I had just had the bangs trimmed on, and see what it looked like. I worked on it for a while, got it styled the way I liked it, and then stood back to take a look. For the life of me, I couldn’t decide if it suited me or not! The style was very close to my current wig, but the color is much lighter and with a slight red tint. I looked and looked and looked at it, and just couldn’t decide if it was going to work for me or not.

Boston 2010 06 07 009

Realizing that I wasn’t going to make my mind, I went ahead and cleaned up and headed out grocery shopping to fill the empty kitchen in my suite. Isn’t that an odd concept for a lot of people? I’m so sick of restaurants that I would rather cook my own meal. If you knew how bad my cooking is, you would appreciate the desperation behind that comment.

The good news is that the other engineer that was here for the same training was apparently a bit of a prima donna. He checked in to the same hotel where I was staying, took a look around his room, decided it wasn’t good enough for him, and checked right back out. I wasn’t gonna have to worry about him seeing me coming and going if I went out! In the end though, it didn’t matter, because I spent both of the next two days working too late to bother getting dressed up when I got back to the hotel. I DID take the time to walk through the mall drab though, and found a bright yellow top at Macy’s on sale for $8! My wife has insisted that yellow is a no-no with my complexion, but another Tgirl I know on the vanity club has the same complexion I have, and she looked stunning in it. I figured that $8 was worth the experiment!

Thursday it was time to head back home to Austin. The skirt I had chosen to wear was the one I mentioned a couple of blogs back. When I first saw it, I thought it was terrible! It was gold, with a complex texture, and a foot long ruffle around the bottom. Still, something about it kept nagging at me and I went back and looked at it twice. The second time I figured it out! The long ruffle was pushing it over the edge in to ridiculous. If it didn’t have that stupid ruffle, it would be killer! So I bought it and took it to be cleaned and altered, and they did a fantastic job. I was so relieved to try it on and see that it did indeed look awesome after having the ruffle removed.

Boston 2010 06 012

I swapped hair back and forth, over and over, trying to decide if I should stick with my tried and true favorite, or go with the new wig that I still wasn’t sure I liked. In the end, I made myself wear the new hair, thinking that maybe I just needed to get used to seeing it on me. The more I looked at it through the day, the more I liked it, and now at the end of the day I’ve decided to keep it. I think my indecision is just that it’s different.

On the flight home I struck up a conversation with the flight attendant, who was sitting not more than 4 feet from me. She had very curly and bright red hair, and had it put up in the back, with a couple of long curly locks loose in front – think Nicole Kidman. So I was looking at her hair and thinking how adorable she looked, and also checking out what colors she was using for makeup, when she looked up and caught my eye.
“OK, I’ve got to tell you that your hair is utterly adorable!” I told her. Her face lit up like a 100 watt light bulb and she gave me a heart stopping smile.
“Thank you! I tell you though, I had to get out of Boston – the humidity was messing it all up!” she told me, reaching to push the curls out of her eyes.
“You know, I don’t have that particular problem!” I said laughing, while playing at primping my own hair. That got a genuine laugh from her, so I kept yapping.
“Ya know, everyone is telling me that my hair is too ‘big’! I figure that I live in Texas and I’m supposed to have big hair!”

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