Friday, December 4, 2009

Peoria IL


This week I went to Peoria IL but due to the amount of work I had to do there, I had very little personal time and so this blog will be short. My customer here has a LOT of our instruments and they like to wait for several them to fail before they call me out. When you combine the failed instruments with the half dozen that they wanted me to modify, I was a VERY busy person!

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I have this pair of 4.5 inch stilettos that I just love, but I’m reluctant to wear them for every day things. They make me a bit too tall, and attract a bit more attention than I really care for, but I love the darn things and made up my mind I would wear them regardless. Since I knew it was gonna be cold out, I also chose to wear a long and thin skirt with them, and that turned out to be a bad combination. The long skirt sort of limits your stride, and then add the 4.5 inch stilettos, and you have a recipe for being less than agile and graceful. Important note to self – don’t combine long and thin skirts with long and thin heels.

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The only really amusing thing I recall happening was when it came time to exit the small regional airplane in Peoria. It was cold and dark out, and everyone else was struggling to get their coats on before making the small walk from the plane to the airport. Not me though. By the time I put the makeup, wig, and nylons on, I tend to get pretty warm and so was looking forward to the cool air. As I stood holding my coat in the aisle of the airplane waiting to get off, the flight attendant gave me a good look.
“Sweetheart, you better put that coat on!” she said, giving me the same look a mother gives her child when giving that sort of advice.
“Nah, not for that short of a walk!” I replied.
“I don’t care how short the walk is, it’s cold out there!” she told me.
“I don’t mind the cold so much, especially for that short a walk.” I repeated with a smile to show her I was flattered she cared. We stood there for a few more minutes waiting for the ground crew to get the door open. When the door opened and people started exiting the plane, she gave me one more parting shot.
“You know, you would still be just as pretty with the coat on?” she asked / commented.
“You know, that is important!” I told her with a laugh.
“I know, I know. Have a good night.” She told me as I slowly made my way down the thin stairs, in a skirt that was too tight, and heels that were too high. . .

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